Top Education Magazines in the World

5vor12 (DE)
American School Board Journal (US)
Aquila (UK)
Athuru Mithuru (LK)
Backbencher (IN)
Big Picture (UK)
Book Links (US)
Boomerang! (US)
Chagurin (JP)
Chakmak (IN)
Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning (US)
Children and Young People Now (UK)
Chollima (KP)
The Chronicle of Higher Education (US)
Competition Success Review (IN)
District Administration (US)
Education in Chemistry (UK)
Education Times (IN)
Education Week (US)
Gobar Times (IN)
Gonit Sora (IN)
The Hispanic Outlook in Higher Education (US)
In Tune Monthly (US)
Inside Higher Ed (US)
The Instrumentalist (US)
Journal of Singing (US)
Kevätpörriäinen (FI)
Kids Discover (US)
Koululainen (FI)
Kurmancî (TR)
Kvant (RU)
Language Magazine (US)
Legal Affairs (US)
Lyckoslanten (SE)
Mathematical Pie (UK)
Le Monde de l’éducation (FR)
Music K-8 (US)
The New York Times Upfront (US)
Nursery World (UK)
Peer Review (US)
Pratiyogita Darpan (IN)
Pro knigi (RU)
Radical Teacher (US)
Sandarbh (IN)
School Magazine (AU)
SchoolArts (US)
Science World (US)
Study South Africa (ZA)
Teacher Plus (IN)
Teenage Survival Handbook (US)
This Magazine (CA)
Thulir (IN)
Time for Kids (US)
Times Higher Education (UK)
Tribal College Journal (US)
USA Today (US)
Wall magazine (IN)