Top Health Magazines in the World

ADDitude Magazine (US)
Alive (CA)
American Journal of Public Health (US)
Apotheken Umschau (DE)
Arab Health Magazine (UAE)
Arthritis Today (US)
Breast Cancer Magazine (US)
Cancer (IN)
Cancer Today Magazine (US)
Coping with Cancer (US)
CyberMed (IT)
Diabetic Lifestyle Online Magazine (ZA)
Doctors Without Borders (NG)
Electroneurobiology (AG)
Fitness (US)
Health (US)
Health Magazine (UAE)
Health Tips (BD)
Healthy Children (US)
Healthy Choices (CA)
Hospital News (CA)
Iator (GR)
Iron Man (US)
Just Food for Health (IE)
Latest Cancer News (US)
Lecturio Medical Magazine (DE)
Medgate Today (IN)
Medic Hub (RO)
Medical Board Australia (AU)
Medical News Bulletin (CA)
Medical News Today (US)
Medline Plus Magazine (US)
Medpravda (UA)
Men’s Fitness (US)
Men’s Fitness (UK)
Men’s Health (US)
Muscle & Fitness (US)
Muscular Development (US)
Naked Food Magazine (US)
New England Journal of Medicine (US)
Our Health Matters (US)
Polish Prenatal Cardiology Fetalecho (PL)
Pollen B Gone (US)
Powerlifting (US)
Prevention (US)
Public Health Perspective (NP)
Science Magazine (US)
Self (US)
Shape Magazine (US)
Spa Magazine (US)
The Health Journal (US)
Thrive (UK)
Total Health Magazine (US)
Trupi Dhe Shendeti (AL)
Vegetarian Times (US)
WebMD (US)
Weight Crafters News (US)
Wellbeing (AU)